Accelerating development of technologies that dramatically improve health and well-being.

What We Do

We partner with research groups, universities, inventors, and early-stage biotech companies to accelerate commercialization of their technologies.
We select projects based on their potential to solve the world’s most pressing health problems.
We offer an alternative to the traditional models associated with university-based technology licensing offices and venture capital financing.
We actively collaborate with our companies to increase their chances of success, complementing their internal teams with our own expert resources.
We bring world-class negotiating and transaction skills to facilitate a successful exit and form long-term relationships with smart, passionate entrepreneurs.

The Problem

Academics, scientists and inventors are often the sources of bold new ideas that – if properly developed and funded – can change the world and help people live better, healthier lives. Unfortunately, they often struggle to turn those ideas into commercial products because of a lack of capital, business skills or development expertise. This problem has worsened recently, as many traditional venture capital sources have strayed away from making the small, early-stage investments that are the lifeblood of innovation. The reluctance to invest is most acute in the markets outside the traditional hotbeds of venture capital. At the same time, large pharmaceutical and biotech companies continue to face disappointments in their internal pipelines, creating ongoing demand for development-stage assets, especially those with human proof of concept.

The Solution

We help our portfolio companies bridge the chasm between an interesting idea and a product ready to be commercialized. We form a true partnership with our companies by providing much-needed capital, substantial technology-development expertise, and a large network that materially improves a growing company’s chance of success.

Companies We Invest In

We don’t follow a didactic approach to investments; however, opportunities we find ourselves drawn to typically share the following characteristics:

  • Team of extraordinarily bright people who share important values – honesty, transparency, humility, openness to feedback and collaboration, and a passion to help people live better and healthier lives
  • Technology that addresses a significant unmet medical need; we have a particular interest in CNS diseases, but consider opportunities in all therapeutic areas
  • Seed or early-stage company, preferably with a pre-money valuation of less than $5MM and looking to sell 50% or more of the company
  • Lean, virtual company putting most of its capital directly toward progressing the technology
  • In need of $1-5MM in capital to reach value-generating milestones, such as IND filing, Phase 1 results, or initial clinical proof of concept
  • Well-defined exit path with multiple logical acquirers in three to five years, or potential to build a great, sustainable company
  • Big, bold ideas, often those that veer off of the beaten path

Why 2M

Exceptional projects and teams can often choose among possible investors. Our portfolio companies have chosen to work with us because:

  1. Our principals have a long and proven track record of making successful investments and building companies.
  2. We are honest, direct, and fair in our dealings, and have a number of long-term relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and companies.
  3. We are big, creative thinkers who can help our partner companies push their innovations as far as they can possibly go.
  4. We care passionately about improving people’s health and well-being.
  5. We have a broad and deep network of connections that can energize a project.
  6. We are thoroughly committed to helping the companies and people we invest in reach their maximum potential.