Founded by Morton.

Driven by his

family's values.

This is Who

We Are

We are a family of people and organizations guided by the same humanitarian principle: help others. 

We believe in dignity, equity, and the promotion of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.  Those beliefs must be reflected in the companies we invest in, the people we work with, and the relationships we cultivate.

We approach today’s challenges with enthusiasm, seeking creative solutions to age-old problems and applying original ideas to the ever-changing complexities of the human experience.

Our Roots

Morton H. Meyerson is an entrepreneur and innovator whose early career helped launch technology services of businesses, worldwide.  Highlights include his pioneering leadership roles at Electronic Data Systems, EDS/General Motors, Perot Systems, and duPont Glore Forgan, before embarking full-time on his own private entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors.

Today, he and his family oversee organizations that are purposely intertwined, providing a flow of private capital for the effective creation of social good.

We Believe in

Virtuous Cycles

In the Jewish tradition of Tzedakah – the Hebrew word for the obligation to help others, the profits from our businesses and our investments are shared with our employees and our communities, and directly support the giving capacities of our foundations.