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We recognize that talent can be elusive, so we maintain an open door recruiting policy. 2M welcomes people of all backgrounds and experiences, however, our unique environment is not suited for everyone. Please read more about our culture and people and carefully consider whether this is the right place for you before contacting us.

People We Like

We are looking for formidable people – those who find the tough questions, and then, instead of being afraid to ask them, eagerly seek out the answers. They dig deep into the details that matter and ignore the ones that merely distract. We believe that being formidable involves two critical elements:


The Skill

The skill to understand the domain, to do the work, to communicate, to master all of the details necessary to make your promise come true. All of which is difficult, but insufficient, because none of it matters if you don’t have…

The Care

The passion to see it through. The willingness to find a different route when the first one doesn’t work. The certainty that in fact, there is a way, and you care enough to find it.

People we like are self-igniting with a confidence in their ability to adapt and succeed in uncertain environments; they have persistence and grit and are humble and fair; and they know and appreciate the importance of a sense of humor.

We like people who, without being asked, find things that don’t work and fix them.

Our Culture

The operational structure at 2M is relatively flat with little bureaucracy or hierarchy. We are focused on getting things done and believe in maximum autonomy and responsibility while operating in a creative, collaborative and communal environment. We recognize that the quality of our colleagues is the most important factor in maintaining a great workplace so we seek to surround each other with equally stunning performers.

Adequate results, even from hard work, are not sufficient. Relative effectiveness is what counts. But no matter how effective or hardworking, we strictly adhere to a no assholes policy. We don’t hire (or retain), invest with, or otherwise do business with assholes. This is a broad idea but it’s pretty universally understood. Life is too short and too precious to tolerate them.

Above all we adhere to a core set of values. These values are more than just words – they are infused into our operations and activities at all levels. We expect our team to question actions that are inconsistent with our values.

What's next?

After giving thoughtful consideration to the description above, let us know if you are interested in joining 2M by sending a cover letter explaining why you believe you are a strong fit along with a bio, CV or resume to

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