DNMF Road Trip to Katchkie Farm


In late June, Mort and his granddaughter, Hannah, embarked on a DNMF philanthropy road trip around the Hudson Valley, visiting various nonprofits. On the second day, they visited The Sylvia Center’s: Katchkie Farm – an organization dedicated to educating low income youth about healthy lifestyles. The Sylvia Center focuses on exposing local inner city kids to healthy cooking by teaching them to plant, tend, and harvest plants that they can use in their own meals.

For lunch, Mort and Hannah were treated to a fresh salad and eggplant lasagna made only out of ingredients on the farm; Mort said the meal was “outer space good.”

They were blown away meeting the founders and learning about the mission of the Center. In Mort’s words, “they are simply amazing in what they do.”

To learn more about The Sylvia Center and Katchkie Farm, click here.